A Rock Solid Blues Band from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!

The Flat Broke Blues Band features a guitar-driven mix of classic blues, R&B, swing and good old rock n’ roll.

(L-R:) Walt Lindala, Mark Johnson, Jim Cohen, Lorrie Hayes, Mike Letts

To bring the FBBB to your venue, just call (906)869-4049 or (906)226-6112 or email the band.


“One of the region’s most promising bands, the Flat Broke Blues Band is an act to watch for.”
~ BluesWax E-zine concert review

“This is the north-country blues, and the Flat Broke Blues Band are it’s most notable purveyors.”
~ Tom Hyslop – Contributing Writer, Blues Revue

“The members of FLAT BROKE take pride in their allegiance to blues, and they should—they’re good at it. They took the time to bring something more to the party.”
~ Bill Hart – Producer/host of WNMU-FM’s House of Blue Lights

“An entertaining and professional contemporary blues band.”
~ Marquette Mining Journal concert review


Flat Broke Blues Band website photo credits: Tom Buchkoe, Tom Daniel, Jason Paul, Karyn Johnson, Mike Baker, Jayne Letts, Grace Cohen, April Lindala, Andy Gregg, RiLee Waller, Lauren Bareiss, Mark Johnson.